"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".

— Nelson Mandela

P r o g r a m s

Infant Program

6 weeks — 12 months

At University Academy, we understand how delicate and complex the early stages of life are for an infant. Providing a warm, positive environment and establishing a relationship with the world is vital to their development. The teachers will ensure your child's basic needs are met, which includes cognitive, physical, language, social and emotional skills.

An image of an infant
An image of an infant

Toddler Program

12 months — 24 months

At UA we provide our toddler children with hands-on and the world and guiding them in their interactions with it. This involves teaching them their first life skills, from how to use a zippy cup to how to be gentle with others. The toddler program is based around four key developmental goals specific to this early stage: sensorial stimulation, motor control, social skills, and emotional regulation.

Twos Program

2 years

At the age of 2 years old children are curious and beginning to realize the different ways through which they can influence the world. This is a period where children are full of energy and potential. Our program is focused on managing this process while providing high quality education that makes sure your children succeed later in life. Two years old teachers begin to work towards potty training, awakening the child’s empathic abilities and respecting others.

An image of abc's and 123's
A block with the letter A on it

Preschool Program

3 years

The three years old group is starting to grasp the complexities of language, and with this change comes the opportunity of further instruction. This program is focused on language development, but begins introducing important tools for later life, such as the basics of reading, identification of sets, categorization, and the use of opposites. At this age learning to read begins in a print-rich environment long before children can interpret words. Our children are provided with many opportunities to see how reading and writing are useful before they are instructed in basic skills, such as identifying letters, sounds, and word. As their skills develop, the children will have the opportunity to practice writing skills about their day, writing simple stories and labeling art projects.

VPK Program


The VPK program bundles formal instruction with lots of fun learning activities, aimed to challenge and prepare children for success in elementary school. Our bilingual program focuses on beginning Spanish, reading, math, language development, and sign language.

A block with the letter A on it
A block with the letter A on it

Afterschool Program


We provide a safe place for after schoolers to work in their homework and have fun while learning interesting things. UAP offers complimentary afterschool pick-up for children enrolled in our aftercare program. We pick-up at the following elementary schools: Imagine Charter, Atlantic West, North Broward Academy, Liberty, Pinewood, Broadview, and Morrow.

Camp Program


We have a camp for every holiday season: winter, spring, and summer. Whenever Broward schools are closed we organize day­ trips and other fun activities.

A block with the letter A on it