Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If my child doesn’t go to school do I have to pay tuition?

A: Yes, tuition is due regardless of absences. Also, we are a year round school and tuition is due during the entire year.

Q: If my child is sick, and does not go to school for 1 or 2 days, do I still have to pay the tuition for that week?

A: The sick policy is applied only if the child is absent for more than 3 days, otherwise a hospital discharge document is required to get a 50% discount for the week that the child did not come to school

Q: If my child is sick, can I still take them to school?

A: No. If a child is sick, they should be kept at home. If the illness is being treated and their doctor says they can be in school, a doctor’s note that specifies the child is not contagious must be turned into the office before the child is allowed in the classroom.

Q: Can my child bring his own food?

A: No. Our school works along with the Florida Childcare Food Program in a campaign to avoid obesity. We provide a 5 week cycle menu designed by nutritionists from the Health Department. The only exception that we can accept is if the child is allergic. A doctor’s note is required to state the specific allergy of the child and the necessary substitution. Parents are responsible for bringing the substitute food item..

Q: Are the teachers certified?

A: Yes. Our lead teachers hold either an Associate or a Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education or related fields. Our Assistant teachers hold a CDA (Child Development Associate Credential).

Q: Can I visit my child during class time??

A: Yes. We have an open door policy, which means that parents are welcome to come at any time. Parents can also call us to ask about their children.

Q: How do you discipline a child?

A: We work with conscious discipline, you can click here to learn more about it..

Q: Will I be penalized with a late payment fee if my child did not attend school on Monday??

A: No. Tuition is due on Mondays; but if your child was not present, your tuition will be due the first day that they return that week.